Dog Breeds Ideal for Families With Young Children

Dog Breeds Ideal for Families With Young Children

There are numerous dog breeds on the market that are suitable for families. Such dogs will tolerate rowdy behaviour. For example, young children will pull the dog’s hair, lay on them, play with them, pull their tail and even step on them. If your family has young children therefore, it is advisable to find breeds that will cope with the demanding needs of the young people in the house. Below is a list of dogs that will stand the attention of small children.

Golden retrievers. Golden retrievers are some of the best breeds for a family with young children. The breed is popular for being playful and active. Golden retrievers are friendly to humans, do not bark a lot and are adaptable to different situations.

Labrador retrievers. Labrador retrievers are quick learners. The pooches are able to learn all the rules and regulations in your home within a very short time. In addition, they are playful and fun to have at home. As a result, your children will enjoy playing with them for hours. Labs are also fast learners and you will enjoy training them on new skills.

Basset hounds. If you want a quiet and docile furry friend for your children, you should consider good breeds such as basset hounds. This breed of pup is very docile and hence will not cause a lot of disturbance at home. And although this breed loves spending time with family members, it will not show affection like other breeds.

Collie. Collies are known to be both fun and protective. If you are looking for a dog that will not only play with your children, but also offer them with protection, then collies will fit the bill. Collies also tend to be independent minded and thus, are easy to train. And although they appear to be larger than other tail-wagers, they are gentle on your young children.

Beagles. Beagles are another breed of hound that is very friendly. Although the breed is small, it is very intelligent and easy to train. Beagles are gentle and protective – the perfect traits for a family with young children.

Bichon frise. If you prefer a very small dog, Bichon frise may be the right breed for your family. The good thing with Bichon frise is that they love to play a lot but shed very little fur. The small mutt also loves to spend time with children and can play the game of fetch with ease.

Poodle. If your children suffer from allergies, your dog of choice would be a poodle. This is because it sheds very little fur. In addition the dog is very intelligent and can easily
become your kid’s best friend. The dog is also very patient, ideal for persistent children.
Pomeranian. As the name suggests, this dog was developed in the Prussian region of the Pomeranian. It is a fun and intelligent pet that will always have a smile for you. The Pomeranian is very intelligent and is ready to learn all the tricks and skills that his owner wants him to. However, this breed can be an aggressive barker, therefore, you need to train him adequately in this area so that he does not cause disturbance at home. Your kids can easily walk this dog as it has an affectionate temperament.