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Border Collie Trust GB
We at the Border Collie Trust GB are a registered charity who rescues and rehomes Border Collies and Collie crosses throughout the UK. Our rescue centre with purpose built kennels is situated in the heart of Staffordshire, in Rugeley. We always have many dogs available that are in need of a loving home, both male & female, young & mature. They are a very friendly breed with amazing characters. We are more than sure they will fit in lovely within any home.

We are constantly updating our website with available dogs and relevant information. There is also a wealth of information on the adoption process. We must say however that if you are interested in a particular dog, we are more than happy to reserve them for you so you can meet them, but we can only reserve them for 24 hours.

Of course the first part of the adoption process is to visit the centre. When you arrive, we will need to know a little about your personal circumstances and experience with our canine companions so that we can help you identfy the most suitable candidates for you and your family. Dont worry though, most of the information we need comes from the standard Adoption Form you will be asked to complete. Then we our experienced team can carefully select the appropriate dog/s for you.

We must say, we do not allow visitors to wander around the kennels as this will cause some dogs to become overly excited and interrupt our duties and responsibilities. But once you have selected a dog(s) you would like to meet then you will be given the opportunity to spend some time with them. We have extensive grounds which will allow you to spend some time with them and if you already have a dog in the household then this is the perfect time to introduce them to their prospective new friend. We must stress that there is absolutely no pressure in rushing this process – every family and dog must take the time to fully commit to one another.

If you are thinking of having a Border Collie then you will quickly realise that they are very special dogs! They are intelligent, sensitive, eager to please and very quick to learn. Sounds like the perfect pet doesn’t it? Well yes, with our help they can make wonderful pets, but we need to remember that when we take on one of these very special and complex dogs into our homes we have a responsibility to try to understand them. To which we have lots of information on this breed on our website, we are also very happy to discuss it with you too.

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