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Staffordshire City Dogs Homes

Staffordshire City Dogs Homes

We at Staffordshire City Dogs Home are offering a range of dog services from re-homing and boarding to micro-chipping.  We are passionate about the care of all of our dogs; there’s nothing better than seeing one of our four legged friends find their forever home.  We have re-homed more than a thousand unwanted dogs, strays and pound dogs over the past 30 years and we couldn’t be prouder of that fact!

Staffordshire City Dogs Homes

We have the facilities to rescue unwanted dogs and puppies, and rehome them into new loving homes.  We take on dogs of every breed & size and we are ideally located to cover all of Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, the West Midlands, and further afield.  In fact, we believe we have re-homed dogs all over the UK.

Many of the dogs that come through our doors have been abused or abandoned and sadly, are in poor condition and often need medical treatment before they can go to their new homes.  We must state however that not all of our rescue dogs have behaviour issues – Many of them arrive here due to no fault of their own.  Some dogs come because their owners were unable to take care of them or their circumstances have changed.  But never the less all dogs will be individually assessed on arrival for their behaviour and temperament.  All new arrivals are then given a full check up with the vet, including worming, flea treatment and vaccinations.

Our Boarding homes offer a wide range of great dog boarding options, all of which have quality facilities; caring, professional staff to look after them, and exceptional customer service to future owners.  Our reputation is second to none, having provided pet care since 1980, and we are renowned for using this experience to design the very best dog services.  We offer various types of rooms & suites for them which are designed to suit all tastes, all dog breeds, and temperaments.

Staffordshire City Dogs Homes

We nearly always have puppies available for sale in our pet shop in Gympie. Considering purchasing a puppy however is something you really need to think about – You need to ensure your circumstances allow you to keep it, for example time constraints, location, fencing and pet permissions.  If you need some guidance choosing a compatible breed for your family then we are more than happy to assist you.

Every dog owner knows they are legally obliged to ensure that their dog is wearing a collar and identification disc, but thousands of owners have now taken positive steps to ensure their little friends can also be identified through microchip technology.  We now offer this service at our base where we can insert a tiny microchip in them so that if the worse were to happen – if they become lost or stolen, we can reunite them with you once again.


  • Oldfield Boarding Kennels
  • Foxtwood Boarding Kennels
  • Hardwick Boarding Kennels
Staffordshire City Dogs Homes

Visit our website to see all of our dogs we have currently under our care – each are waiting for someone to take them home, and love and care for them – maybe that could be you…

Staffordshire City Dogs Homes

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